My current performance and recording instrument is a custom-built Steve Holst that I helped design.

A HD stereo amplification system delivers a studio-quality reproduction of my playing to the audience.

A typical set will migrate between Romantic and Baroque classical pieces, Brazilian classics, and my own unique, and highly developed arrangements of popular songs and jazz standards. Each piece is juxtaposed thoughtfully against the next, and gives all types of listeners something to appreciate and enjoy.

This is perfect for a cocktail reception, wedding ceremony, or special dinner, where you’d like engaging, sophisticated music that also allows conversation among the guests. I have an enormous amount of great repertoire for the solo guitar, and can easily cover multiple hours, without ever repeating a song!



             Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison

                      Your Song - Elton John

             Here, There, And Everywhere - Beatles

                  No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley

                         Desperado  - Eagles

                 Here Come’s The Sun - Beatles





Click on the links below to hear samples of my solo guitar playing

The Guitar

One of my companions for life; the acoustic guitar, is capable of an endless tapestry of moods and textures. It possesses a timeless intimacy that reaches out to the listener in a way that I believe only a well played guitar can. Nearly any song, or musical style can be brought to vibrant life on six strings, when the instrument is in capable hands.

While having owned many, many guitars, I long ago decided on the nylon-string classical as my instrument of choice for solo performing, due to it’s orchestral palette, and ability to cross musical boundaries.